JavaOne/Oracle OpenWorld Highlights-Part Two

In my previous post, I covered the first two days of JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld.  I’ll cover the rest of the week’s highlights in this post.

Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT)

This presentation was interesting in that it talked about different ways that blockchain and alt-chain technologies (like “pegged sidechains”) might be used in the Internet of Things.  It also introduces one company (Blockstream) who is using pegged sidechains to extend Bitcoin and blockchains for micropayments, smart contracts and property registries.  This paper also introduces the concept of “Sensing as a Service” – an emerging business model for the Internet of Things.

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JavaOne/Oracle OpenWorld Highlights-Part One

I had the opportunity to attend JavaOne/Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco this fall (along with the thundering herds below) and thought I’d share some of the highlights from my perspective.  Lots of good information and food for thought, so without any further ado…

General ThemesoptimizedSwarm

On the Java side, they are celebrating the 20th anniversary.  There were a number of sessions devoted to the Internet of Things (IoT) and that was very evident in the demo/vendor grounds.

On the Oracle side, the big theme was the Oracle Cloud.  Also interesting and new was the introduction of the new Sparc M7 processor, which introduces “software in silicon” and promises to offer much faster decompression, in-memory query acceleration and “silicon secured memory”.

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